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The area of the southern Peloponnese known as ‘the Mani’ is a special place. Its location on the fringes of southern Europe, its turbulent history and its rugged, natural beauty all combine to give the visitor an unforgettable experience. The drive from Kalamata down into the Mani is stunning- something you will never forget.

Check out some of the various topics above to get an in depth idea of some of the area’s main characteristics as well as looking at options of where to stay, from the established resorts such as Stoupa or Kardamyli, to a more off the beaten track location in the Deep Mani.

Who is this site for?

  • Anyone looking around for a new destination for their holiday. We hope there is sufficient information to answer all questions an independent traveller requires to arrange a tailor-made itenary. Any unanswered questions you may have can be posted below.
  • Anyone who has already booked to come to the Mani. Be sure to bookmark this site on your laptop/smart phone before you arrive to recieve up to date information on what’s happening in the area as well as reading the latest comments left by fellow visitors. Don’t miss out!
  • Anyone who shares our passion for the area who merely wants to keep in touch from near or afar.

Who are we?

  • Inside the Mani have been publishing  guide books and an annual magazine since 2004. You can therefore trust the content on this site as being accurate- we know what we are talking about.

Note: if you encounter any problems booking accommodation listed on this site, please contact us and we will do all we can to assist.


17 Responses to The Mani

  1. Nick says:

    Thank you for a fantastic magazine and now website. Both are stylishly designed and hugely interesting to anyone with even a slight interest in the area.

    I look forward to the 2012 edition. I do hope there will be one?

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Nick. Yep, there will be a 2012 magazine. As soon as it is out, it will be hosted on this site to read on line or to download.

  3. admin says:

    It is out!

  4. Diane Fraser says:

    we are off to Stoupa for the first time this weekend, having been to other parts of Greece very often. your website has been brilliant for giving us lots of ideas for trips out & info about Stoupa. Many Thanks.

    • John Tiggerton says:

      I agree Diane. We have just returned from our first visit to Stoupa and found the website a valuable source of info, both before and during our stay. The magazine was great too, we picked one up in the supermarket. Thanks Inside the Mani!!

  5. Jackie says:

    My partner and I want to holiday on the Mani peninsula this year. We have been to many Greek Islands but not to the mainland. How easy/far is it to drive from Athens airport to Stoupa or how much is a taxi. Also do you know if there are any flights from the midlands airports? So far I can only find Gatwick or Manchester.

  6. admin says:

    The drive from Athens to Stoupa is now much quicker and easier (approx. 4 hours) though quite expensive in terms of tolls- over 15 euros each way. There are plans for more of the budget airlines to operate out of Kalamata airport. Keep Googling!

  7. Theodoros says:

    Inside the Mani is a great resource even for natives.
    Keep up the good work Mat!

  8. Maria says:

    Hi guys,

    where can I find some Info on Prosilion?

    thanks in advance.

    Best regards

  9. Janneke van Andel says:

    Very good idea ? Loved Mani while visiting in the past ? Groeten Janneke

  10. Eva Schubert says:

    After having spent 1 week in the Mani we came across your Guidebook “Inside the Mani”, which made us spend another 2 weeks there. Thank you so much for leading us to so many highly interesting places and for making us feel like discoverers. There is a church, Agios Nikolaos near Sotirianika, where there is a fresco with the creation of Eve and where you lack an interpretation. If you are interested I might give you an idea who the third person is. But maybe somebody else has told you already. Best regards!

  11. admin says:

    Eva, please do!

    • Eva Schubert says:

      Well, there is a picture showing Adam sleeping, in the middle. At his left side Eve is standing upright, just having been formed from Adam’s “rib”. At his right side there is another person, obviously naked. You can discern the person’s feet and his right hand reaching out for Eve. This person must be Adam again. It often happens that there are more than one scene in a panel. Following a chronology is not of much importance as it is said, that the Bible does not know any “before” and “after”. The next panel shows Eve and Adam taking the forbidden fruit from the tree, and in a third panel Adam and Eve are driven out of paradise. Hope I could explain well in English what I wanted to say! If you want I can send you the 3 pictures.

  12. Martin Olsson says:

    A couple of years ago you were kind enough to publish a Mani-inspired poem of mine in Inside the Mani. Here is another one which you might or might not be interested in publishing. It is a bit sombre, I admit.

    August 29th
    (Commemoration of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist)

    A strict fast day, going by the book.
    After the Liturgy the village square
    glares heat from every cobble. The light
    crushes. We cower inside the kafeneion,
    under the creaking fan.

    in black from head to slippered foot
    she leans against the well-head wall
    under the fig tree’s shade.

    The priest’s wife tells us
    ‘She does things properly, that one.
    Nothing will pass her lips today
    not even water.’

    The well is dry – the sweet Taygetos water
    purloined by the tourist coast.
    (In the derelict public garden across the square
    a plastic bowser holds the village’s supply
    tepid in the sun.)

    ‘I’m a hundred and one, you know.
    I was born in that house there’
    The shell without roof, the vacant window spaces
    gape onto the square.

    ‘You have a beautiful church here, Lady.’
    ‘Yes? You should have seen it before – when I was young,
    then it was beautiful. Now,
    it is all _____’ My scant Greek
    loses its hold. The lament becomes rhythmic – all I catch
    is the refrain:
    Pou einai…? Pou einai…? Pou einai…?

    Where are what? The reflections in her girlhood eyes
    of young men dancing? Brothers and cousins gone to war,
    and not returned – or if returned
    not who they were? The busyness under her window
    as the world came and went
    through a living village?

    Or was she in her day
    the local funeral weeper, wailing still
    the generations of her Maniat dead,
    squandered across this unforgiving landscape:
    Where is the bridge that one might cross
    into the world below?
    Where are the young who sit and wait in silence?
    Where are the old, and where the little children?
    How do they fare without their mothers?

    Or does she perhaps, now she is as ready
    as she will ever be, rehearse
    her funeral canon:
    Where is the desire of the world?
    Where the imaginings of ephemeral creatures?
    Where are the gold and the silver?
    Where is the multitude of servants and of noise?
    All are dust, all ashes, all a shadow.
    Where is the beauty of the body? Where is youth?
    Where are the eyes, and where the bodily form?
    All like grass have withered, all have perished.
    The beauty of the countenance is mouldered
    and Death has withered all the flower of youth.

    Her voice fades, falters. Unmoving, she withdraws
    into who knows what unreachable moment
    of her turbulent century

    And still, Lady, at a hundred and one
    you do things properly.
    The water you drew to offer us today
    came from a deep well.

    Martin Olsson – October 2014

    With best wishes
    Martin Olsson

  13. Mr Bill Jenkins says:

    Any information on MANI eg daytrips etc. We are going to Stoupa in May 20015

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