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  • Diros Caves

    Diros Caves

    In a Mani context, the caves at Pyrgos Dirou, just south of Areopolis, have been the main destination for day-trippers for many years now.

  • the “Mani Loop”

    the “Mani Loop”

    No visit to the Mani is complete without taking a trip into the Deep Mani to soak up its unique atmosphere. Handily, the road south can be followed as a loop, heading south on one side of the peninsula and then returning to Areopolis on the other.

  • Stoupa Kastro

    Stoupa Kastro

    if you're staying in Stoupa, the short walk up the "kastro" gives stunning views.

  • Cape Tainaron

    Cape Tainaron

    Get to the "end of the world"- great scenery en route and a chance to savour the atmosphere of an ancient Roman town.

  • “over the top”

    “over the top”

    A very dramatic drive over the mountains from the Stoupa area to Gythio. A whole new world opens up as Peter Chamberlain describes.

  • Kalamata


    A brief guide to Kalamata, the main gateway into the Mani. Museums, galleries, the market and the Old Town and the Marina and beach.

  • tower houses

    tower houses

    The struggle for power in the Mani was rooted in the need to obtain and control areas of valuable land and then to defend them against others- hence the evolution of the tower house


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