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photo competition 2018


The photographer who collects the most votes wins a free week’s stay at the fabulous “Tria” apartments in Stoupa for the summer of 2018. Voting closes on January 31st, 2019. The winning photograph will also appear on the front cover of Inside the Mani magazine, 2019.

  • Peter Chamberlain



  1. terry dudley says:

    stoup at its best

  2. Jenny Hutchinson says:

    Spectacular photo

  3. Fantastic sky as always.

  4. M. van Gelder says:

    Prachtige foto!

  5. Wendy Phipps says:

    Looks amazing the colours are fantastic

  6. Philip Dee says:

    Very interesting and diverse picture. Captures the light beautifully.

  7. David Jervis says:

    Love Esther’s photo. No sun beds and no bloody cats !


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