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bus-times Kalamata Stoupa

The above timetable is very approximate. Allow at least 15 minutes leeway either side of each arrival time.



  1. Can I get the bus at Kardemyli and get off at Tseria? We aim to walk down , across the gorge, up to the hotel at Exchori and back to Kardemyli? Would that be possible?

    • Eleanor, unfortunately there is no bus from Kardamyli up to Tseria. A taxi would be your only option

  2. Hello, Do you know if the 10:30 express bus from Athens arrives in Kalamata in time to catch the 13:00 bus to the Mani? Thank you

    • Hi Sandra
      I’m afraid the Express takes 2hrs, 45mins, so you miss the connection by just 15 minutes. Crazy.

  3. Katie Chalmers says:

    Hi We are planning to get the bus from Stoupa to Kalamata tomorrow – the 9:55am. Do we just pay on the bus? Is it then safe to book the 12pm Kalamata to Athens express online… will that give enough of a margin? Also are there child fares and adult fares? thanks

    • Hi
      Yep, just pay on the bus. You will arrive in Kalamata with plenty of time to sort out your online booking. I have never used this service though- I usually phone to book seats which requires you to be there half an hour prior to departure- which you will be. KTEL Bus Service- 27210 28581 if you want to phone. I do not think there is a reduction for children I’m afraid.

  4. Hi! We are staying in Kardamilli. We are wondering when the busses go from here to Kalamata, and back. Thank you!

  5. We are in stoupa and need to head to diros tomorrow. Is there any bus from stoupa to diros or near diros we could take?

    • Hi
      The local bus terminates at Oitylo- a good 20 minute drive from the caves. I’m afraid I have no information on possible connection times. Oitylo is a very small place, so there may not be taxis waiting. I would recommend a taxi all the way.

  6. Hazel Morgan says:

    Hi. Does the bus run from Kalamata Airport?


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