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Since 2004, INSIDE the MANI has published an annual, 100-page colour magazine for visitors to this special part of Greece. Above are a selection of our favourite articles from this period, covering a range of topics from anecdotal tales of walking across the Taygetos mountains to interviews with local residents, recalling life as it was in days gone by. We hope you will find something of interest in this extensive catalogue, which we will be constantly adding to.

We also publish guides to the area. Inside the Mani and Inside Messinia can be ordered directly from Amazon from this site.

They are both full colour, have over 200 pages and cover all aspects of the Mani and the county of Messinia. They are, though we say so ourselves, the most comprehensive guides to the southern Peloponnese (in English only).

happy reading!


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  1. Martin Olsson says:

    You must have wondered what I was about, resubmitting my poem Flat Calm at Gnospi as if it hadn’t been published. Somehow, when I looked at Inside the Mani 2012 on line a few months ago I failed to see it. Was I asleep at the time, perhaps?

    Now I have found it, beautifully presented against a very Gnospi background. Thank you so much.


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