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Throughout the Mani, a chance to cool off in inviting, turquoise waters is always close to hand. Whether you are looking for a 100% beach holiday or are intending to explore the area with intermittent swim stops, the area has various types of beaches to choose from.

If it is a beach holiday you are after, then the first place to consider is Stoupa, the Mani’s number 1 beach resort. Although it can get a bit crowded in high season, her two sandy beaches have now been drawing tourists for a number of years. Neighbouring Kardamyli has also followed the same path, although not blessed with sandy beaches, the pebbly beaches of Ritsa and Kalamitsi benifit from not getting quite so busy.

Alternatively, there are beaches nearer Kalamata on the road to Kitries, as well as more secluded beaches in the Deep Mani. The latter tend to be pebbly apart from Marmaris and the glorious stretch of beach at Ageranos, near Gythio.

Refer to the map of the Mani to locate each beach shown above.


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