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Each season has its own merits. Summer (June-September) is the most frequented time of year- guaranteed sunshine, temperatures in the ’30’s every day and the sea is warm. Either side of this period also has numerous advantages. Spring (April-June) is when the area is at its most beautiful- the snow has yet to melt on the Taygetos mountains and the olive groves are full of a wide variety of wild flowers. The sea can still be a bit cold at this time of year. Autumn (September-November) sees an exodus of tourists, especially from the domestic market at the end of August, leaving the beaches wonderfully empty. The sea is still warm enough to comfortably swim in as late as November. Winter (November-April) is a very different experience. A percentage of restaurants close (although enough stay open to cater for winter visitors) as the area gears up for the olive harvest (usually starting in November) and then everyone enjoys a well-deserved rest! The weather can be unpredictable during this time. Dramatic storms and heavy rains are not unusual, but they are usually inter-dispersed with gloriously sunny days, especially during the “Halcyon” days of January.


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