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Where to go in the Deep Mani?

The Deep Mani is easiest described by breaking it up into separate areas:

Limeni, Deep Mani

  • around Oitylo

Although, strictly not in the Deep Mani, Oitylo does define the border between the counties of Messinia and Laconia. Neo Oitylo has a wide sweeping beach with plenty of accommodation possibilities and the neighbouring, smaller bay of Limeni has fantastic turquoise waters.

  • the West Coast

This is classic Deep Mani territory. Rugged, barren mountains, tower house villages, pebbly coves and numerous Byzantine churches combine to give a unique atmosphere. The area can be either explored in a day out or these days it offers the potential for a different kind of holiday as many of its villages now have hotels, many of which are themselves restored tower houses. A sub-area to the west coast in general requires turning off the main road towards ‘Cavo Grosso’ (Great Cape), a steep escarpment that hat rises to the east from a flat plain that would once have offered relatively good agricultural land. At the very least, a 20-minute detour, simply driving through the tower house villages of this “Mini Circuit” to soak up the unique Deep Mani atmosphere, is well worth it. There is a relatively easy circular walk in the area. The picturesque village of Gerolimenas is the best option for lunch or accommodation.

  • Cape Tainaron

The final tip of the Mani requires turning off the main road – this time at Alika, some 3km south of Gerolimenas. The predominance of churches declines in this final stretch of land. Instead, potential attractions come in the form of the most renowned tower village of the Mani, Vathia, a great sandy beach at Marmaris, lunch at Porto Kagio, a visit to ancient Tainaron and a walk out to the lighthouse right at the end of the peninsula – the second most southern point of mainland Europe. A great area to stay in of you really want to get away from it all.

  • the East Coast

This side of the peninsula is very different to the west coast. The road is more twisty as there is no flat plain separating mountains and sea. There are a number of places to stop and swim, most notably at Abela Bay and Kokola and again, staying here would give a holiday of total peace and quiet.

  • south of Gythio


This area can be reached by driving south from Areoplois down to Tainaron and then back up the east coast, or by cutting across directly from Areopolis. The main attractions here are some superb sandy beaches, at Skoutari, Ageranos, Vathi Bay and Stomia Bay, just before Gythio. Gythio itself is the alternative entrance into the Mani to Kalamata- a handsome town with plenty of waterside tavernas and hotels to choose from.


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