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Ritsa beach and Kalamitsi beach

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The main beach in Kardamyli, Ritsa, lies down the concrete road that runs down the side of the main church. The long pebbly beach has some shade and there are tavernas both at the beginning of the beach and at the far end (both of which rent sun beds and umbrellas). Even in the height of summer it does not feel too crowded. There is now a wide variety of accommodation on the beach to choose from, from simple rooms to luxurious apartments with pools. The camp-site is at the far end of the beach.

overall impression

Kardamyli’s other beach is at the other end of the village. Once you have passed the last two tavernas on the right beyond the high street the road bends to the left. Where the wall that defines the lay-by ends, a path begins that takes you all the way down to Kalamitsi Beach. You can also drive there by following the road further past the entrance to the Kalamitsi Hotel and turning right where the road sweeps right. Again the beach is pebbly with lots of rocks for good snorkelling. There is no café or taverna on this beach.

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