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  • Diros Caves

    Diros Caves

    In a Mani context, the caves at Pyrgos Dirou, just south of Areopolis, have been the main destination for day-trippers for many years now.

  • the “Mani Loop”

    the “Mani Loop”

    No visit to the Mani is complete without taking a trip into the Deep Mani to soak up its unique atmosphere. Handily, the road south can be followed as a loop, heading south on one side of the peninsula and then returning to Areopolis on the other.

  • Stoupa Kastro

    Stoupa Kastro

    if you're staying in Stoupa, the short walk up the "kastro" gives stunning views.

  • Cape Tainaron

    Cape Tainaron

    Get to the "end of the world"- great scenery en route and a chance to savour the atmosphere of an ancient Roman town.

  • “over the top”

    “over the top”

    A very dramatic drive over the mountains from the Stoupa area to Gythio. A whole new world opens up as Peter Chamberlain describes.

  • Kalamata


    A brief guide to Kalamata, the main gateway into the Mani. Museums, galleries, the market and the Old Town and the Marina and beach.


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